Mcoser 14″ 35cm Orange Red Straight Short Lolita Wig- ONE Piece Nami Cosplay Wigs

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How to take care of a cosplay wig?
1. You’ll be able to use cold water or warm water to clean it.Washing with normal shampoo is OK.
2. Must not

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How to take care of a cosplay wig?

1. You’ll be able to use cold water or warm water to clean it.Washing with normal shampoo is OK.

2. Must not to dry the wig with a hair dryer.High temperature firm can not be used! If you in point of fact want to use the hair dryer,please use the cold temperature! A dry towel and gently blot excess water from wig ventilation came alive again to avoid direct sunlight for a wig at the damage.

3. Do not comb the wig immediately.You should comb it after wig has been dry

4. In order to make more shapes,it can be on a wig spray gel water, wax and the like real hair styling agent, but this will make a wig become sticky, You must be clean the wig after using it up.

5. Use special wig comb, or anti-static comb plate, or sheet can not use plastic comb to comb

6. Basically do not use hair comb, where the volume of the hand after finishing what You’ll be able to bring each.

7. Do not pull hard when you meet a hard tied.It should be sprayed wig maintenance of a dedicated non-oily liquid and then slowly careful geographic open. No pro wig care solution can be used against the Sheung Shui to use fabric softener with good results.

8. Use non-oily wig special care solution, it can become smooth and shiny wig and prevent static electricity, s o that the wig has maintained moisture status as just the same as when you bought!

9. A quite long time to comb wig false sub-paragraphs long, comb from the bottom up, must be light, be patient.

10. There was a small amount of hair loss is a normal phenomenon in the process of finishing wear.

11.Frequently do not wear to put its original packaging, to make the effort to look to restore the original rejection.
Material:Top quality Synthetic
Cos role:ONE Piece-Nami
If you continuously wear a wig, it is recommended to clean once a week.Pay special attention when cleaning wig can not be washed with hot water. It’ll undermine the quality of wigs, and can not be soaked in water for a very long time, in a well ventilated place to dry after cleaning automatic air-dry
If there is a period of time not to wear or not to wear a wig any further, it is imperative to close up the wig. it is best not exposed to the air, likely to dust or clutter.It should be put in the original place of wig or put in a plastic bag.